Anechoic acoustic chamber K-1
Produced according to specifications
УМЯИ.408632.004 ТУ

Anechoic acoustic chamber K-1 is intended for use as small-sized echo-free acoustic chamber with integrated sound source for test and study of miniature electroacoustic converters and hearing aids, as well as for test under noises of microphones, telephones, phone handsets, headsets.

Operating frequency range, Hz 200 - 8000
Sound pressure level of the sound source in the measuring plane of the acoustic chamber in the operating frequency range, dB 20 - 90
Measuring area, mm круг, диаметр 50
Uneven sound pressure in the measuring area, no more, dB на частотах от 200 до 3000 Гц ± 1.5 ... на частотах от 3000 до 8000 Гц ± 2.5
Overall dimensions, mm Ø 715 х 1080 (без выступающих частей)
Relative humidity of air,% от 45 до 80
Operating temperature range, degrees от 15 до 35